Process & Technique


What you see in the final steps of the artwork is not as important as what you do not see. The meaning is in the process, in the journey. I am the only witness of magical moments of creation…I try to hold these sacred moments, to make the invisible visible to the eyes. Many are the paintings hidden inside a painting. Every moment of the creation is a work of art.

'Think BIG.Think DIFFERENT' I always repeat to myself. The large tulips are already dancing on the white canvas. Big canvas, big tulips. I will bring them to life. The beginning of the process is a magical moment.


Arianna's Techniques: Oil on canvas, Oil on board, Acrylic on canvas, Gouache and Watercolor on paper, Etching and Aquatint on paper, Monoprints on paper, Egg Tempera on canvas and on board. The Egg Tempera is the ancient, secret/sacred technique used in frescos and in the Icon writing by the Byzantine Masters. Pure pigments of colors are mixed with egg yoke to create a very rich and super transparent palette. This kind of work requires a long process. Many are the stages, alternating layers of floating colors to layers of thick brushstrokes and highlights. There is a subtle, unique beauty in the final step of the artwork and and also there is a profound meaning. We are reminded of the Alchemical work: moving 'from dark to light', enjoying every step of the process.

Arianna works with GOLD and Precious Stones: The 24 Kt gold's large leaves the artist applies to her paintings, are made in Florence, Italy. The small leaves are made in Bangkok and are the same that the devotees offer to the Buddha statues in the Wats (Temples) in Thailand and SE Asia. The precious and semiprecious stones, the river pearls and the golden thread come from Thailand and Burma; the 18 kt golden beads are from Afghanistan and the wooden prayer beads with embossed gold are from Burma. To make her work even more precious, Arianna applies one by one the stones, as an act of gratitude and meditation. The Buddha's heads, the Angels, the flowers, the butterflies become more powerful and filled with the healing positive Energy of the Gold, the stones and the prayers. A painting by Arianna Caroli does not need frame : the image expands into the sides of the stretchers , adding to the piece almost a third dimension.

Arianna has always been into creating INSTALLATIONS, series of paintings in different sizes to be installed together to cover a large wall surface. There is a great flexibility of this kind of series since the pieces can be reassembled in different ways to create different feelings and to adapt to different locations.

Arianna is available to discuss with her Collectors the creation of personalized installations and custom size paintings .

For more informations about Customized Artwork feel free to contact directly the artist at: